Last Update: 16/12/2016

About this Electronic Headquarters


The scope of application for this Electronic Headquarters covers all the agencies operating under this ministry. Furthermore, and pursuant to Article 3.3 of Royal Decree 1671/2009, of 6 November, partially developing Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on electronic access by citizens to public services, the scope of this Electronic Headquarters will also cover those agencies specified in any partnership agreement that the Undersecretariat may be instructed to sign with the owners of the public bodies operating under this ministry.


The Undersecretariat of the Ministerial Department.

Agencies Responsible

Online Address

The online address will be

Access to the Legal Instrument governing the Creation of this Electronic Headquarters

Order SSI/2076/2013 File pdf.  Will open in a new window. , of 28 October, creating the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

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